Ayhan Sezer Oil and Food Ind. Trading Ltd. established by Ayhan Sezer upon his experiences in order to carry on busines in the fields of trade and industry in 1997. The company adopt providing safe, healthy, quality and economical products as a principle based on his pacesetter stance, innovator understanding and being a model firm in the field old vegetable oil industry. The firm enlarged its activities each year, including 2001 economic crisis. 

Ayhan Sezer Oil and Food Ind. Trading Ltd. aims to be in first 100 corporation in Turkey; and, aims to become a firm which shapes the sector in the World along with its partners and regularly improving product range. In order to attain this goal, we accept knowledge and experience impartially to reach the best; and even we reach the best, we compete against ourself and create our own alternatives. We believe faithfulness is keyword for our business partners; hence, we prefer loyaty instead of profit together with prefering future instead of present. We do not solely stand with our customers, but our suppliers, as well; and never sacrifice our business ethics in the framework of our responsibilities.