Crude vegetable oil is a midproduct which produced after dehulling, pressing, solvent extraction and seperation methods processes. These oils called “crude vegetable oils” due to including foreign matters. These foreign matter types and amount differs depending on the processes, storage conditions, climate conditions, plant growing conditions and soil structure, parameters during the degreasing.

The foreign matter types divided into three as; arising from plants, occurs during the storage and occurs during the processes. Chemically, it can be stated as carbonhydrates, phosphatides, absorbtion matters. In addition, these matters effect the color, brightness, clarity, external atmosphere conditions of the oil under heating conditions, negatively.

Our crude vegetable oils;

  • Crude Sunflower Oil
  • Crude Rapeseed Oil
  • Crude Flaxseed (Linseed) Oil
  • Crude Camelina Oil
  • Crude Safflower Oil
  • Crude Corn Oil
  • Crude Soybean Oil
  • Fat Acid Oils