About us

Established in 1997 by Ayhan Sezer, our firm is specializing on manufacturing of Crude and Refined Vegetable Oils extracted from seeds of Sunflower, Corn, Flaxseed, Rapeseed, Soybeans and Safflower.

Over 25 years in the business, our qualified team manages to crush up to 300.000 tons of oilseeds annually, aiming to remain one of leading crushers in the region and to expand it’s reach globally.

We proudly supply safe, quality and competitive products, executing trades with reliable business partners, following latest food manufacturing standards from South Marmara to domestic and global market.

Our Mission

Supply at all costs of quality and safety while guiding the inudstry, both local and globally.

Our Vision

To remain present on quality and innovation while going greener on production and trade lines. To leave a better future for our youth.

Our Values

1. Innovation
Innovative people will push us further.
2. Giving Back
To the society and nature.
3. Ethics
Devotion over self-interest.
4. Quality Service
Periodic renovation.
5. Knowledge and Experience
Open minded approach.