Management System Policy

Ayhan Sezer Yağ ve Gıda Endüstri Tic. Ltd. Sti. aspect;

  • To ensure the continuous improvement process systematically by applying the requirements of Quality, Food Safety and Information Security Management System Standards,
  • To fully comply with the applicable legal legislation, other national and international standards and all regulatory requirements,
  • To keep every stage of all our processes, including destruction, under control, to prevent problems before they occur, by closely following social, global and technological developments,
  • Monitoring and measuring the performance and effectiveness of applications by determining the targets, risks, opportunities and threats,
  • Reducing hazards by making a Hazard Control Plan (HACCP, OÖGP) in ensuring food safety,
  • To provide the necessary training to increase the competencies of our employees, to provide participation, encouragement and motivation, to ensure their active participation in the improvement works of our system,
  • To protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility values ​​of information belonging to our stakeholders, employees and our company,
  • To establish open communication channels with all relevant parties, especially about the quality of products, product safety and information security,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the fastest and best way, to offer products that exceed their expectations,
  • To apply environmentally friendly production methods in all our facilities and areas, to provide affordable and safe food,
  • To cooperate with suppliers and logistics providers to ensure that the supplied raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials comply with the quality specifications and conditions,
  • To create an organization that can respond to emergencies in the shortest time and most effectively by creating emergency plans and to ensure its effectiveness,
    We are committed.
  • POL.01 Management System Policy R03