Our Quality Policy And Service Approach

As Ayhan Sezer Oil and Food Co., we always take care to keep ourselves up to date by following the technological developments in the field of vegetable oil production in the country and abroad. With our team spirit, we always focus on providing the best and quality service, considering the needs and expectations of our customers. We develop our quality standards within the framework of legal regulations by applying the requirements of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Management System (ISO 27001:2013) standards.

We work hard to maintain harmony with our Human Resources department and its highly trained and knowledgeable workforce. We adhere to the highest standards of integrity in all that we do, from defining our objective to hiring those who share it. Protecting the privacy of our business records, upholding the integrity of our stakeholders, customers, and workers, and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace are all priorities for us. Our goal is to eliminate potential harm by implementing stringent safeguards, enforcing the highest levels of safety in the workplace, and controlling every facet of our operations to eliminate any possibility of error.

To become the most sought-after firm in our industry across all five continents, we have made it our mission to prioritize our customers’ values, preferences, and concerns above all else while maintaining the best levels of service possible at all times. With the provision of 100% safe and Halal food as our primary focus, we do our duties with great care. We provide trustworthy, honest, ethical, and high-quality work in line with Islamic requirements thanks to the efforts of our well-educated and self-aware staff. By adhering to all Halal Food Safety regulations and using sustainable practices in production, we are able to offer superior goods at competitive prices. We focus on developing ourselves in partnership by building open communication lines with all stakeholders in order to boost quality and assure customer happiness. To that end, we place a premium on staff development and collaboration, keeping tabs on their progress as individuals and as a group so that they can contribute to the growth and success of our organization.

Our founder, Ayhan Sezer, who established our commitment to quality and service via his emphasis on individual attention, laid the groundwork for what would become our company’s signature model of service. Within the framework of the corporate approach, modern human resources rules are acted upon, and employee rights are always prioritized. All workers get timely and accurate information on their health, advancement, fringe benefits, and social rights. Mr. Ayhan’s school, as well as our own, places a premium on a work environment that promotes employee harmony and productivity. The Personal Data Protection Law is followed in all respects. The company acts and follows up on crucial themes including food procedures, routine facility maintenance, customs laws and regulations, commercial regulations and advancements, current finance rules, international logistics regulations, and ongoing updates to marine standards.